Twins reveal new uniforms, including new hat logo paying homage to Minnesota state motto

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The Minnesota Twins revealed a new logo and a new set of uniforms Friday afternoon, marking the first time they’ve made drastic changes to either part of their identity in roughly a decade, according to Chris Creamer’s uniform and logo database. 

Here’s how the Twins will look on the field next season, as modeled by star outfielder Byron Buxton,as well as infielders Jorge Polanco and Luis Arraez and righty Joe Ryan:

As you can see, the new uniforms are essentially a modern approach to Twins uniforms of the past. The colors remain the same: lots of red, lots of blue, and some white. That doesn’t mean they’re presented in the same way as they were as recently as last season, however. Indeed, one notable tweak is that the Twins’ road grays will again feature pinstripes. That was a fixture of their look for decades until the redesign that precipitated the opening of Target Field in 2010.

The other notable change for the Twins is the introduction of a new hat design. Look closely and you’ll notice that, in addition to the standard Twin Cities “TC” logo, the Twins will now wear a cap that features an “M” with an overhead star. There’s a significance to that combination, believe it or not: Minnesota’s state motto is “L’Étoile du Nord,” French for “the star of the north.” This cap nods at that. (It also explains, for those who were unaware, why Minnesota’s old hockey team was called the North Stars.) 

Of course, Twins fans might be more worried about who will wear those uniforms rather than what those uniforms look like. Star shortstop Carlos Correa remains a free agent as of this writing. He’s expressed a willingness to return to the Twins, but it’s unclear if the two sides will be able to reach an agreement.

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