Justin Verlander flips off Philadelphia fans in viral video

November 1, 2022

Houston Astros Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander and the Houston Astros are going full villain as they arrive for Game 3 of the World Series.

Video went viral of the Astros star giving Philadelphia fans the one-fingered salute as the Houston team bus pulled into Citizens Bank Park.

Rumors circulated online that Phillies fans had broken a window on the Astros bus prior to Verlander’s middle-finger greetings (the window that Verlander was sitting by appeared to be damaged in the above video). But the truth of that claim is unclear with no video evidence of such an incident.

In any case, Verlander is expected to draw the start in Game 5 (which the Phillies will also be hosting), setting the stage for some peak drama. We already know that Philadelphia sports fans are a notoriously tough crowd no matter who you are.

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